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Employability Check

Coaching for a new career path

Career advice for applying for job openings

The Employability Check is an online assessment tool developed by the Van Essen Group to efficiently provide you with tailor-made career advice. The Employability Check will help you gain insight into your position and chances of obtaining a new job in the current job market. It will give you an overview of your core competencies and options with respect to new careers and new positions. We will use your resumé, personality questionnaires and a career profile chosen by you to select the best job openings for you. The Employability Check will help you in your approach to job openings by graphically showing how well you match with the selected job opening(s).

After the round of tests you will have a personal debriefing with a certified career consultant and three further meeting to help shape your career action plan. The Employability Check answers questions like: “who am I” (analysis of your talents), “what do I really want?” (analysis of your preferred career profile), “what does my job market look like today?” (analysis of which jobs are available and suitable for you) and “where will I have the best chances?” (using the online job openings database).

The Employability Check consists of the following questionnaires:

1 SHL is the market leader in the field of psychometrics in the career environment. The personality questionnaire by SHL has been used extensively since 1984, was recently revised and is the most used career questionnaire in the world.

Program Employability Check

Our approach

Our approach is highly personal, committed and direct. We expect participants to play an active role in the program in order for it to succeed. To ensure the best possible results we make use of practical assignments, personality questionnaires, simulation exercises (written assignments and role play) and coaching. We aim to create an atmosphere of trust and respect.

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