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Invitation to English native speakers

Geschreven op 12 augustus 2019 · Geen reacties

Would you like to take part in some (very) short films that will be used to help us assess people’s talents and assist them in their further development?

Our experience with assessment and development has taught us that getting people to participate in exercises based on real-life work situations can give them a deeper understanding of their talents and weaker points. We can then coach them to help them make more (effective) use of their talents in their work. Our philosophy is that it is more effective and motivating to invest in talents rather than to concentrate on trying to develop weaker points. It helps people to get more enjoyment out of their work and, maybe, even to decide that they are ready for the next step in their careers.

In order to be able to assess and develop our clients we have scripted some film scenarios for a number of typical work situations. Each scenario is designed to elicit behaviour indicative of various talents or competencies. This is where you come in.

We would like you to take part in a few film scenarios by speaking one or two simple sentences. The people we are coaching (you will not be in contact with them) will watch the films and we will use the way they react to your sentences to help them discover and develop their talents.

We have a professional team for the film shoots and we’ll be there to ensure that we all work together in a relaxed atmosphere to create some realistic work situations.

The filming will take place in Houten. The sessions will take about 1 to 1½ hours.

And, of course, we will express our appreciation of your participation in the form of a gift.

Contact information

So, please, if you are an English native speaker and would like to take part, contact Arend-Jan van Essen at: Telephone: 030 75 14273 / E-mail: info@vanessengroep.nl