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Coaching for a new career path

Outplacement is for employees who wish or who have to leave their current jobs. Looking for a new job is not always easy and can be experienced differently by different people. Where one person might regard such a situation as a chance to start again, another might see the same situation as painful and difficult. So every individual has his or her own particular demands for an outplacement program. Our consultants always consider the personal needs of the program participants and try to adapt the program to meet these needs. Ultimately, our outplacement programs are meant to help participants discover what they truly want and what they are passionate about when it comes to their new career. In a Van Essen Outplacement program you can choose your own coach and the details of your program.

The purpose of outplacement programs is to make a fresh start, for instance by writing new cover letters and renewing your resume. Other important components include training in the use of social media to your benefit and a supportive coach who you can contact even outside planned meetings. Personal attention, job application training, developing and improving social skills and access to a database of job openings will help you find a new job more quickly.

Doing your outplacement program with the Van Essen Group means gaining more insight into your personal talents and limitations and building on your core competencies. You will get a clear picture of your capacities, personality and skills. Each program is made to measure and adapted to your specific demands.