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Issues and Systemic Work

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Force field Analysis and Organization Constellations

In coaching individuals and advising organizations, force field analysis and organization design can be put to practice. These are methods that employ a physical space and stand-ins to represent intra- and inter-organizational dynamics. It is also possible to explore the effects of certain choice-result scenarios for the organization, yourself, your employees, clients and other stakeholders. These methods are based on the work by Bert Hellinger.

Other than regular analysis of particular situations, doing force field analysis and organization design will give you a fresh perspective on issues that are currently at a costly standstill. Our other coaching programs can also include this type of analysis. In our experience people are more efficient at making (career) decisions when they have better understanding and intuition with respect to the consequences of their choices.

To give a practical example: one organization wanted to test three alternate scenarios of change and another organization had to find a new department manager after four had already been let go. The first case resulted in a clarified future perspective and the second case resulted in doing a force field analysis prior a new round of interviews.

If you would like to know more about force field analysis, the way to go about it and its applications, we invite you to contact us or request a returning call from us.

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