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Flow Wep

Your managers will make a difference!

FLOW WEP career direction

Employees of housing corporations are eligible for the career direction program once every three years. FLOW WEP is a website with questionnaires and options to apply for individual coaching.

The questionnaires cover a range of topics: position check (In the right place at your work?), interest check (what are your priorities and interests in your career?), talent check (what are your strengths, personality and motivations) and an experience check (at what stage of progress are you in your current position?) The results of these questionnaires offer connections to new directions of development and position that suit your profile.

After completing the questionnaires, employees can contact one of our professional coaches at the Van Essen Group for up to two sessions. Based on the session(s), our coaches will develop a development plan, especially for you. All results and matters discussed remain strictly confidential. There is no obligation to discuss the results with a superior or HR-manager.

Career directions for employees

This short documentary about career directions tells the story of three employees about their career and support provided by our program. It is clear that all three found it beneficial in answering their specific career questions.

Career directions for employers

In this short documentary about career development instruments for employers , solutions for branch-specific bottle-necks in companies in personnel mobility are highlighted. You will see what these instruments can do to help you and in which way you can apply them.

You can sign up by clicking on the Woondiensten Employability Portal logo.

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