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Van Essen Groep » Getting the best from talent!

“Arend-Jan can present potentially sensitive issues in a clear sussinct manner, so that they become acceptable and open conversation can start. He is very open minded and down to earth. A true talent!

Written by Ivonne – More references »
For companies looking for a professional partner with HR issues, we offer a diverse range of products and services, a network of senior professionals and a cost-effective approach. We distinguish ourselves by our enthusiasm for our profession, the personal approach that challenges people to get moving and working.
We have a passion for edutainment, a mix of education (learning) and entertainment (fun). Achieve business objectives in a relaxed and inspiring way, the willingness to learn and return to practice in organizations greatly increase.

Free career test

Research by Edgar Schein showed that there is a greater chance of being happy in your job when you choose one that corresponds to your own values. These values are called “career anchors”.

A career anchor expresses, in simple terms, what you find important in your work. It serves as a sort of motivation checklist against which you can measure your choice of career in an easy way.

Free career test