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The Van Essen Group In Brief

We offer a broad range of products and services, a network of professionals and a cost-effective approach to organizations seeking a professional partner in HR matters. We differentiate ourselves through our enthusiasm for our work and a personal approach which challenges people to take action and work on their knowledge, attitude and skills.

We are passionate about developing and motivating people: giving people feedback for them to get the best out of themselves. We are Talent Consultants. By focusing our attention on their qualities we find that people often become more effective and enjoy their work more. This is something that both employees and organizations can profit from.

Wij hebben een passie voor edutainment, een mix van educatie (leren) en entertainment (plezier). Zakelijke doelen bereiken op een ontspannen en inspirerende manier kan de bereidheid om te leren en het rendement voor de praktijk in organisaties sterk vergroten.

Our approach is personal, compassionate, quality-oriented and we believe in openness and humour in our work. We support both individuals and organisations in questions concerning the assessment and evaluation of employees and teams. The core of our work is making talent work productively. We go a long way to help realise our clients’ goals and we work according to the ethical codes of professional associations.