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Talent and Development Assessment

Talent assessment and development

A mix of assessment, coaching and training

The Talent and Development Assessment (TDA) offers you a mix of assessment and coaching for your further development. As a participant you take part in an intensive multi-day program during which we assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you the necessary feedback and coaching. Two days worth of practice with a professional actor gives you the chance to learn through feedback. This helps you accentuate your talents and skills and increases your chances of success in your next career move.

Talent and Development Assessment

4 sessions are planned over roughly four weeks . The first is the intake session, which takes 2 hours. The next two are the main sessions each taking 5 hours. The last session is a discussion session, which takes 1-2 hours. After completing the intake session you will work on homework assignments (preferably) based on your own case studies.

The Van Essen Group has developed TDA as a mix of assessment and coaching that gives you more breadth and depth than the usual development assessments. We work from a background of psychological research into people’s qualities and how these can be developed effectively. We have experienced significantly higher motivation among our participants by applying this method.

Participating in a TDA program helps you establish your current position in personal development and your career. We focus on identifying your ambitions, motivation, style of learning, personality, intellectual abilities and competences. All of these will form the basis for a well-defined career improvement plan. We discuss the best methods and conditions to optimally improve and accentuate your qualities, ambitions, skill and when or how you need others in this process.

Getting to know each other, expressing expectations, goals and your wishes and discussing the TDA methodology. (2 hours)

Further questionnaires
You will complete further intellectual aptitude tests to gain insight into your level of professionalism and thinking. Topics discussed include personality, professional interests, preferred learning styles and career conditions. You could consider, for example, whether you prefer strict task descriptions or free entrepreneurship or customer service-oriented work or, perhaps, what degree of security or routine you prefer in your work as a specialist. These questionnaires are highly personalized and can be edited throughout the assessment.

Most questionnaires are completed online, which leaves more time for one-on-one contact with the coaches and actors.

Day 1
Intellectual aptitude tests (level of professionalism and thinking), feedback questionnaire results and a series of simulations (role-play) based on the situation at your work (5 hours). The roles you will play depend on what characterizes your function and what you wish to develop. For instance, leadership situations, teamwork, presentations.

Day 2
Discussing the results of the aptitude tests and the first version of your report. Further practicing with your own case studies and simulations to learn through feedback or practice new behavioral patterns.

We write an extensive report based on our finding during the simulations. The report consists of our first impression of you in terms of your presentation, motivation, work ethic, personality, social skills, level of thinking and a conclusion. More specifically, this conclusion contains a personal advice and a list of your strengths and suggestions for further development within your organization.

Within five working days you will receive our extended report on paper We will contact you the same week to discuss the results (1-2 hours). We will also discuss your own report alongside the action plan and suggestions for growth.

Code of conduct
All consultants with the Van Essen Group adhere to the professional code as defined by Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP, Dutch Psychologists’ Institute). This code provides ethical guidelines related to responsibility, integrity, respect and expertise among professional psychologists.

Rounding off
Within a week after the assessment you receive your results in the form of a written report.. If relevant, you can then agree to forward the results to your employer.

Interested in the TDA program?

Contact us for more information and a free intake session. Contact: drs. Arend-Jan van Essen, talent consultant, by Telephone: 0625605023, or E-mail: info@vanessengroep.nl.