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Selection Assessment

Talent assessment and development

Aptitude tests

Apart from advice on the qualities of the applicants we also report their possible points of improvement. This will help you coach the new employees after they have passed your selection process. For every customer we design a program geared to his needs and wishes.

Prior to the assessment, the applicants fill out a number of personality questionnaires which they can complete at home. This enables us to make optimum use of contact moments during the assessment day and yields better results.

Selection assessment program

The questionnaires administered on-line, prior to the assessment day, take about 90 minutes to complete. The assessment day takes about 6.5 hours, with a follow up feedback session of 30-60 minutes over the phone or in person.

Intake interview
During the interview we focus on the applicant’s work experience, motivation and career ambitions. Extra questions will be asked to fully answer all the relevant assessment topics.

Further questionnaires
Besides the personality questionnaires, the applicants will also complete intellectual aptitude tests to gain insight into their level of professionalism and thinking. We test their abstract thinking skills, verbal and logic skills and numerical skills.

Practical sessions
On the assessment day we let the applicants do practical work simulations. These can be in the form of role-play, a planning exercise or an In-basket exercise designed to see how well applicants can identify priorities, plan and organize. The simulations work through the various problem settings you have identified so that we can make a focused analysis of your candidates’ relevant strengths and weaknesses.

We then write a report based on our findings. The core of this report always consists of detailed advice about suitability and potential as well as recommendations for the further development of your future employees.

Within five working days you will receive our extended report on paper. We will contact you the same week to discuss the results.

Code of conduct
All consultants with the Van Essen Group adhere to the professional code as defined by Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP, Dutch Psychologists’ Institute). This code provides ethical guidelines related to responsibility, integrity, respect and expertise among professional psychologists.

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